Why Young Living?

Ditch your toxic chemicals, and switch to a more natural lifestyle with

Young Living essential oils. 

Image by Fallon Michael
Image by Taylor Heery

Young Living Essential Oils


Not all oils are created equal. In fact, it's much cheaper for companies to use pesticides, to distill oils multiple times, and to add synthetics to each bottle. And since essential oils are considered cosmetics by the FDA, these companies can slap on a "pure" label. Seems kinda sleazy, right?

Young Living doesn't believe in cutting corners. Their Seed to Seal promise means that they use the highest possible standards throughout the entire process - from planting the seeds to bottling the essential oils. Their team of scientists continuously test the soil, water, and air for quality. All weeding is done by hand or by sheep. Rather than use pesticides, YL controls pests with essential oils! On top of that, the soil at YL farms has been chemical free for 50+ years.

This is why I use Young Living for my family - I know that I can trust that what's on the label is what's in the bottle. The highest quality, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

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