How to Order

Follow these steps

STEP 1: Click here and choose "Get Started" under Membership. 


I advocate for membership, because you get 24% off FO' LIFE. You do not need to enroll in auto-shipping, you do not have to order every month. Just order when you want, and get that sweet discount.

STEP 2: Choose Your Kit!

Not sure which kit? Check them out here. 

STEP 3: Essential Rewards

Not a requirement, but I do recommend this as it's the best way to slowly introduce new products to your home. When on ER, you gain points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for future products. You also can unlock free shipping and free oils!

STEP 4: Choose Next Month's Order

*if you opted out of Essential Rewards, skip to step 5*

Set up an order for the following month, totaling at least 50PV (100PV for free shipping!). Don't worry - you can always go back and change this order later!

STEP 5: Member Info

Choose login information, set a pin, enter your deets.

My ID (23989528) should be set under both Enroller and Sponsor ID. 

Enter your shipping + billing info. 

Shout me out via text/social media/email so I can do a happy dance with you!!!!